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When you have started your blog, you sometimes don’t know where to start and what to think about. After all, it’s a whole new world for you.

What do you have to think about and what is important when you blog. So it’s time to list some basic tips for you.

I have been blogging since 2011 and for blogland it has been quite a while.

For many people blogging is still something new, for others it’s a longer known phenomenon. However, the blogs are emerging like mushrooms. And that will continue for a while.

In those years I blogged with ups and downs. Then I was blogging again for a while and then taking another blog break. It’s a quest I can tell you.

You can go many ways with a blog and it’s different for everyone what you want to achieve with it.

It’s not unknown that you can make money with blogging. And that’s not only the case for the most successful bloggers known. More and more people are making money with their blog. Opinions are also divided on this. Not everyone thinks you should make money from a blog. I think we do.

I think everyone should make money. I also want that for everyone, for you. Those who often say that it’s not possible or not neat often have no idea how much time is in a good blog.

Of course it is that you do it because you like it, but should you not earn anything from something you do what you like?

For most people it’s true that you have to blog for a while before you are ready to make money.

Everyone who blogs makes a lot of mistakes in the beginning, I also made enough. I have learned a lot from it. It is a quest and a learning moment at the same time.

Do you know making mistakes is part of it, that’s all I think. And if you never make mistakes, you will learn nothing!

Since I regularly get questions about blogging, I decided to write this post. If you want to start blogging, but have no idea where to start, I have the free guide blogging for beginners(including this tips) Request it below (click on the image)

Today I share my tips with you that have helped me a lot in creating the blog as it is now.

Be yourself.

It sounds so logical, but you tend to pretend to be different from what you really are. Do not imitate anyone else, people will see through this. Show in your blog posts who you really are, what you think about something and start your own brand. Make sure you enjoy what you do or you will never keep it up.

Make an about you page.

Create a page that is about you. Tell who you are, what you do in everyday life and what you will blog about. People like to see the person behind the posts. Drop a picture of yourself and describe yourself.

Reply to comments.

Something you definitely have to plan time for is to read the comments and answer them. This is really very important. That way your blog will live among the readers. Don’t just drop a simple thank you, but really take the time to write a nice response. Interacting with your readers is really very important.

Take away captcha.

You know them, those captchas where you have to enter a code to show that you are not a robot. Terribly annoying if I can say it. Disable them and make your blog accessible to everyone.

Make sure readers can register.

If people want to be kept informed, they want to subscribe to a newsletter. This is still not possible on every blog. First, you are missing the opportunity to keep your readers with you and they are missing the information you have to report. Make sure the links to email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin and other social media channels are working. Nothing is more annoying if someone wants to go to your Facebook page nd the link doesn’t work. You don’t want that, this also costs readers. Make it easy for readers to sign up.

Make blog friends.

I love meeting other bloggers and online entrepreneurs. That is very nice about this world. You really make friends and everyone wants to help each other. That’s so beautiful, it really is a community. You make blog friends by commenting on their blogs and following them on social media. Be yourself and don’t approach everyone immediately. It must feel good, you cannot force it.

Link to social media.

Make sure people can share your blog post via social media. Put the links at the bottom of your messages and make sure they work well. This makes it easier for people to share your message with others. And good for you, because this will attract more readers to your blog.

Keep enjoying it. Have fun!

People start a blog for various reasons, but if you decide to blog it’s important that you continue to like it. The most successful blogs are run by people who really enjoy them. They often see it more as a hobby than as a job. The moment it becomes a task and you notice that you enjoy it less, it’s time to stop. It only works if you continue to see the fun.

With these tips you can already get started to make a nice start with your blog. Of course I will come with more tips in a next blog post.

Which blogging tips would you like to hear as a blogger?

Good luck!

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