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Social media ensures the visibility of your business. While scrolling, your (future) followers see your image passing in a second.

The image that should make them click on this. Via this image you send them to your website, a blog post, a registration page or something else.

But how do you ensure that you have a catchy image that will catch their eye?

Very simple, by making these images with care in a special program.

I tell you in this blog what an image must meet and where you can make it or have it made.


You are building a business and you want to be recognized on Social Media. It’s important to get your brand in the picture.

A brand is a recognizable logo, image or product that you can immediately identify who it belongs to. Think for example of the well-known brands such as Nike and Coca Cola. You will probably immediately see the logos in which your colors, fonts and elements are recognizable. But also consider Pinterest, Linkedin and Facebook. The well-known icons show their brand.

Now it’s important that your images in one storage shows that it’s your business. You can show this by placing a logo in the image or using the colors you have chosen for your brand.

Multiple images.

We often make one image for Pinterest, one for Facebook, one for Linkedin per content, and so on. At least for the Social Media platforms you use, the platforms where your target audience is.

The moment you want to see which image achieves the most results, you can create multiple images per content. An image in which your brand is clearly visible and in which a color appears that is not common. Start creating and sharing multiple images on your Social Media platforms. The statistics will show you later which image has had the most impressions. With that statistics you know what kind of images you should maken in the future.

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Where do you make images for Social Media?

You can choose to make the images yourself. Especially as a blogger it’s useful that you can make the images yourself after every blog post you have written. Precisely because it often concerns multiple images. You can see in my blog posts that I use a number of images. An image at the top of the blog post, a pin image at the bottom of the post, an image for the blog post in the overview where all blog posts are (on the homepage), an image for Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. As you can see it’s really quite a task for me to blog. It’s not just writing a blog post and you’re done.


I always make my images in Canva. It’s a website where you can create images for free. You can upgrade to a paid version. Then you have more options. With the free version you can really go in many directions, so I would advise you to start with this.

What can you do in Canva?

In Canva you can do more than just images. For example, you can also design a book cover, edit an A4 document, create a planner, create an E-book, create a checklist, create an invitation, create a banner, and much more.

Create a design – As you can see in the first photo below, you can create a design by selecting it on the left in the menu bar. A list of choices will then appear. There are standard designs you can choose. Think for example of a Pinterest image, a Facebook image, an A4 document or something else. The list is long, so the standard Social Media images are easy to select for you.

→ Custom Dimensions – The first option when creating a design is custom dimensions. Here you can determine for yourself how wide and how long the image should be. You can determine this with centimeters, inches or pixels.

Your designs – In the second photo you can see that underneath all your designs. Your designs are automatically saved when you have made them. You can find them under this heading. They will then appear on the right and you can easily select them there. I can really recommend you to take a look at the website. I could no longer do without a Canva for my images.


For example, if you don’t have the time or desire to create your own images, you can outsource it. The best website you can use for this is Fiverr.

If you don’t have a logo yet, Fiverr is the website where you need to be for designing your logo.

This website contains many designers / graphic designers who can help you. Prices vary enormously. You can have a logo designed for as little as $ 5. So approachable!

There are several options on Fiverr. Consider, for example, the design of an E-book cover.

Click on the image to see the website of Fiverr!

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