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Social Media is changing fast these days. It’s hard to keep up with. Ones you think you what all the possibilities are of a social media platform, the other moment they add more. It’s good to know that social media is always changing and you have change with it. It’s not always easy, but really important for your business.


That’s why I have a few tips for you so you can grow your business fast with social media.

1. Use the new possibilities

When you use social media(and you do!) it’s wise that you use the new functions. The social media networks give this a priority and show this more to visitors.

When you use them you wil be rewarded by de platforms. That’s how it works! When Facebook and Instagram started with the live possibility, users began to use it a lot and they get the highest reach.

Of course this is not a guarantee  that it will always be a succes. Time will tell, but I recommend you to try it and see what your results are gonna be.

2.  Get goals and take action!

Everything you do you do it because you want to reach a goal.  It seems logical, but it’s really important that you need to be conscious when it become to your goals. At the moment when you do something you need to know why you are doing it. before that step you set your goals straight and you write down the actions that you need to do if you want to reach that goal. It may sounds childish, but it’s important to know where you’re going en how.

So you write down your goals, make a plan and set up the action that is needed.

For example: When you post content at your social media, you need wonder what you want to accomplice with that content. Will it help you to reach your goal? maybe you need to change a little thing about it and it will make a huge difference for getting where you want te be.

3. Use your old content.

Something that has great value and takes less time is that you use content you already have.

Most people forget that and you can do so much if you are a little bit creative.

When you have a video, you can make a podcast of that video or you can make a blog. Cut the video in pieces and show that on your social media. People will wanna hear the rest of that video.

When you post something plan that same post in for a month later. People will read it again or the people that didn’t see ha post will see it the next time. Your followers don’t always see what you post, so big change that the second time they will see it.

It’s a great way to give value to your followers if start using content in more ways and many times.

4. Questions and reactions.

Talk to your followers and readers. Ask them questions and get to know them. React on their reactions and questions. Your involvement is very important to them, it’s of great value. The more you give, the more you will receive.

Maybe it’s hard sometimes to ask questions, because you would think that they would think that you don’t know enough. But that’s not true, you only get wiser. Through that thought overboard and be open to them. Your community is going to be alive and in great action. They wanna play the game with you and you make them more active. They feel that you see them and they wanna have more of that.

Make sure that you get into a role that fits you. Stay outside the group and don’t become one of them. You will be the expert on the sideline.

This means that you will ask the questions and react on their reactions. Your reaction is of great value to them.

Your building on the relationship with your followers and customers, they will have faith in you. If you’re gonna take care of your costumers, your group will not only grow, your business will too.

5. Surround yourself with people who’ve done it before you did.

Wherever you’re standing now with your business, there has always been someone who was there first. They are  past that point now and moved on to the next level. They made mistakes and learned from it. It good to surround yourself with these people so you don’t make the same mistakes. Learn from them. Find yourself a mentor or coach that will teach you what to do next.

Find them, hear from others what they offer and if they would work with them again. I have to tell you that not everybody that offers an online course is gonna give you the help that you need. Make sure that that person already reached what he or she is saying that they’ve reached.

Always keep listening and learning from professionals and most important… never stop learning.

Take as much information of your mentor or coach as possible. Make sure that he or she tells you everything he or she knows.


I always have a mix of people around me:

33% people you are gonna teach them

33% like-minded people (equal level)

33% people who are gonna teach you


That’s my balance!

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