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Start your blog today!

There are many blogs nowadays to find on the internet and the numbers are still growing each day. There’s not only a future for blogging, it’s here already. If you’re still wondering if blogging is something you should start with I will help you getting started.

If you think there’s no reason for you to get started, think again!

I give you 40 reasons to start with an blog.

40 reasons to start a blog.

1. You can make a difference for your readers.

2. You can tell your own story.

3. You can write about something you’re interested in.

4. You can share information of something where you know a lot of.

5. You can share things with people who are interested in the same things.

6. It can lead you to writing books/ebooks.

7. Your social network will be growing.

8. You can blog with your friends on one blog.

9. You change by blogging. You will develop yourself.

10. You can blog whenever you want. You can deside how many time.

11. You make online friends.

12. You learn how to make beautiful pictures. You’re gonna look different to your photo’s than before.

13. You can sell your own product.

14.You can sell your online program/courses.

15. You can offer ebooks or other downloads.

16. You meet people who can inspire you.

17. You can go to bloggers meetings and meet other bloggers.

18. You will be challenged to work consistently on your blog.

19.You’re building your own community.

20. You can work wherever you want. You only need your laptop.

21.You can spend as much time on it as you want. But the more time you spend on it the more results you will get.

22.You can make money with your blog. It takes time before you do, but it will.

23. You start right away to see if blogging is something for you to do.

24. You can write about your hobbies and show tutorials about it.

25. People will responds to your posts. You get to know yourself a bit better and you will see another side of yourself.

26. You will stay up to date with your subject because your working on it every day.

27. It could be your next job if you do it right.

28. If you do several things you can make more money.

29. You can build your community and costumers for your website.

30. You can spend more time with your family and friends. The people who are important to you.

31. If you keep getting the same questions over and over again from your customers you can share that information on your blog so everyone will read it.

32. You will get more ideas while blogging. You get creative and wanna keep building on your blog to make it more beautiful.

33. You can work in your pijama’s . You don’t have to look good to go to work.

34. You will learn how to write better in time.

35. You will learn everything about online marketing, SEO, Google analytics and other online things.

36. You became that person that’s important to everybody who follows you.

37. You meet other bloggers and  you can write for their blog or they will write for yours.

38. You can go full time blogging ans make enough money so you can quit your job.

39. You can travel more.

40. It’s really nice to do… So let’s get started!


It’s fun!

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